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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Personification Prompt

(This prompt was given at our creative writing session on April 19, 2012.)

Writing from the Object’s Point of View

Choose one of the following objects or come up with your own object, and write a story from the object’s point of view.

• An inflated balance ball in a busy gym’s group-fitness class

• A ball of yarn being chased by a cat

• A race car at NASCAR currently in last place

• A well-worn pole on the stage of a New Orleans strip club

• The most often checked-out book at the local library

• A bloody pickax that has no idea how it got bloody

• A ball in play at the World Series

• A red crayon on the art table at a full daycare

• The full scalp belt of a Native American returning to his tribe

• The scarred boots of a soldier who fought in Vietnam

• A pitcher of peach margaritas at a southern belle’s bachelorette party

• A tracking device on the back of a free Bald Eagle looking for a mate

• A fly swatter trying to swat a fast and clever fly

• A beaded necklace worn by a jilted lover (the necklace made by the lover who did the jilting)

• A writer’s keyboard

Post and prompt by: Karen Aldridge -