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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Agent Profile - Noah Lukeman

If there is such a thing as an agent groupie, I'd probably consider myself a Noah Lukeman groupie. His advice is invaluable in the literary world. He goes beyond the common sense approach and addresses writers' issues from a unique and fresh perspective.

Lukeman offers free advice regularly through his blog Ask a Literary Agent. You can also link to it at any time through our "Publishing Blogs" on the Living Writers Collective blog side bar. On Lukeman's blog, readers ask questions through the comment function and he creates his blog posts based on those questions. Here's a recent question:

"Mr. Lukeman, If I have a debut literary/historical novel that's 110K... is this too long? What would this word count mean to agents and editors and how would it affect my chances of representation/publication?"

Click here to read Lukeman's response.

You can also sign up for Lukeman's monthly newsletter and download his entire book How to Write a Great Query Letter - both free - on his blog site.

I was first introducted to Lukeman through his book The First Five Pages. I wouldn't have even considered myself a serious beginner writer at the time, and this book was one of the tools that inspired me to take the next step and move beyond hobby writer. It was written on my level, and as I read I thought "Hey, I can do this."

Last night, I was browsing the book store and came across another of his books The Plot Thickens: 8 Ways to Bring Fiction to Life. I would consider this a bit more advanced (still, an important tool for all levels of writers), but if you are already in the throes of writing a novel or have a manuscript you want to polish or if you want to write a novel, get this book. It contains advanced techniques on characterization, conflict, the journey, transendency, suspense, and context. It spends the first three chapters on characterization (the foundation of every book - the biggest piece that can make or break a novel). It's a small book - maybe 5X7 - no chit chat, just the important stuff. I was so enthralled with it, I sat down in the floor at BAM and lost myself in the book - stopping after about 30 minutes only because I had somewhere else to be. I made a mental note to place it on my next Amazon order.

As I browsed Amazon, I ran across another of his books I plan to pick up A Dash of Style: The Art and Mastery of Punctuation. I haven't looked through this one, but since it is a Lukeman, I am confident it will have plenty to offer me.

This does not exhaust the list of Lukeman's educational materials, but this will give you a start. I warn you - once you start reading Lukeman's advice, you may become a groupie, like me.

Posted By: Karen Aldridge

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