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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Feast Fun 2010

LWC Group
Aren't we sophisticated?

Bottom row: Judy Lee Hooper, Virginia Andrews, Danielle Sisk, Karen Aldridge, Violet Allen, CC Muller
Top row: Eric Gannon, Suzette Greer, Sandy DelPilar, Jesse Cunningham, Dawn Bohannon, Ross Martin, Ed Chinn, Jennifer Ballard, Mary Ann Weakley, Alan Hooper
We missed you: Denise Churchill, Sheryl Griffin, Larry Walker, CeCe Dockens, and Denim Gorman (other regular attenders who couldn't make it)

On second thought...
The real us.

Ross, Alan, and Ginny

We later found out this was a party crasher posing as Alan, but we writers bought it because "ALAN" was written on his cup.

Mary Ann and CC

Mary Ann: Alan sold us some Super Hooper's Magic Hand Cream for our writer's cramps. What? That wasn't Alan, you say? Hey, why are my hands itching? Where'd that Alan imposter go?


Pencil is the newest trend in snack food for writers. The food buffet was for our non-writer guests. The pencil buffet was on the desk.

Suzette and Sandy

I believe this was the point in the evening when Suzette broke into her rendition of "Memory" from CATS. "Memory / All alone in the moonlight..."

Sandy was the first to burst into tears. After that the whole room went down.

Precious Violet.

She might have taken the "casual and comfortable dress" memo a bit too far.

Eric and Ginny

Ginny: Eric, I told you - black shirts and blue jeans. How hard was it to get that message out to the rest of the group?

Eric: I tried, but they're a bunch of writers. They just wouldn't go for it. They said it was too confining and too unoriginal and that it stifled their creativity and desire to express themselves.

Ginny: Black IS an artistic expression, especially when done in a group. Now we just look foolish - like a couple of Twinkies.

Alternate scene for this pic:

Eric: Hey there. You come here often?

Ginny: Eric, this is YOUR house. You know I've never been here.

Eric: Oh yeah, right. Well, you wanna buy a rare book?

There's that Judy again, eating another pencil. We had to cut her off when she started writing on Eric's walls. Apparently there was another pencil stashed in her hair we missed during confiscation because we later found her huddled alone in the restroom clinging to a heavily nibbled pencil. We called her a taxi.

For no apparent reason, Karen brings her latest story "Death, Fish, and Womanhood" to life through interpretive dance. It was so moving, most were unable to watch. Suzette's song had left everyone's emotions so raw and vulnerable already.

Danielle, Meghan (Eric's wife), and Dawn

Okay, I'm blocked on this one. Someone give me a clever caption for this pic.

Jen, Mr. Jen, and Mary Ann

Jen: I've buried this cat ten times now, and he just keeps coming back.

Mary Ann: Are you sure it's THIS cat you keep burying?

Jen: I'm telling you it's THIS cat. Look at it's eyes. The thing is possessed. If you don't believe me, ask my vampire friend here, Patrick.

Mary Ann: HE'S a vampire?

Jen: Yeah, why?

Mary Ann: I didn't know vampires wore canteloupe.

Patrick: Hold on there, mortal. This isn't canteloupe. It's orange.

Mary Ann: I'm an interior designer, buddy. That shirt is canteloupe.

It just got uglier from there. Let's just say, the vampire was no match for Mary Ann.

Extra group pics below:

Post by: LWC Director, Karen Aldridge. Visit her personal blog at My Writing Loft.

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Mary Ann said...

Are we a fun group or what??? The pictorial commentary is a blast. It allowed me to revisit the party and the scenes I didn't see while I was gabbing in another corner. And where is that Alan imposter--my hands are still itching.